Saturday, August 29, 2015

Pure Joy

Joy...the phone rang this evening, it was Jordan and  there was so much joy in his voice it made me cry.
His mom took him to Disney World and he is on cloud nine.  He was so excited he could barely finish his sentences.  They have already sent many texts and pictures and it has only been one day.

Samantha has worked extra hours and saved every penny for this vacation.  I had held my breath for the past couple of days, fearful that the hurricane would hit the Orlando area and their vacation would
be a wash.  Thankfully for everyone, the storm moved into the Gulf and has fizzled out for now.

Jordan is already making plans for Rick and I to go back to Disney with them next year.  He will show us around. Tomorrow they visit the Animal Kingdom, I suspect lots more pictures and texts.

There is something about hearing pure joy in a child voice, it has to be like hearing angels sing.
Tonight I am so grateful that Jordan is having the time of his life...I wish we were there.
Wishing you a peaceful Sunday.
Goodnight Sweet dreams


  1. Thank goodness for the joy that kids bring to us. They are truly the life juice that keeps mother getting up when they are dead tired.
    God bless Jordan.

  2. The ability of a child to experience, really experience something is a wonder. We all need more wonder in our lives.