Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Surprise

I got a surprise call before noon today.  Some of our dearest friends in the whole world, Keith and Roberta were driving up from their home in Florida to visit his family in Alabama, they also wanted to see us.

I have known Keith my whole life, our parents were friends.  Rick and I were in their wedding in New York City, Rick shot their wedding pictures, I was a bridesmaid.  It had been about three years since we had seen them, way too long for good friends not to see each other.

Keith mentioned that maybe we could meet somewhere for dinner, no of course not, I wanted them here.  I scurried to the grocer's.  A simple roast chicken, bread and salad, new potatoes and string beans and so much laughter.  It was the most perfect evening.

As they left for his sister's house after dinner, I vowed to myself, never again, would we go that long without seeing them.  Life is too short, time is moving too fast and we loved them too much, I think a trip to Florida in the fall will be good.  Another simple meal, and much more laughter, I can't wait.


  1. What a nice surprise. Life is indeed short and visiting with dear friends is up there with the list of important things to do. So glad you all got together.

  2. What a fun time you must have had. I hope you follow through with your trip to visit them.