Thursday, August 27, 2015


Last night was one of those nights that my students talk to me about, except this time it was me not sleeping.  Once in a rare blue moon, my mind refuses to slow down.  I breathe, I count breaths, I think of my safe peaceful place and finally after hours of not sleeping I get up.  For all the stuff floating through my brain, I resign myself to the fact that it has to be sorted at some point.

After a morning walk, a nap and lots of sorting of thoughts I came up with an answer that gave me peace.  The one thing I have learned about the brain racing, you have to figure out why and what is going on.  If you are honest with your answers you can find the happy place.

If your brain races at night and you can't figure out why, ask yourself these questions.
1. how much caffeine have I had today, and did I have any after 3:00pm?
2.  did I eat late
3. did I watch the news before bed
4. did I spend time on my computer before bed
5. did I argue or disagree with someone
6. am I worried, if so why
7. do I not feel well
8. did I exercise today
9. how much water have I drank
10. have I meditated today

Feel free to add to this list, but usually, if there is not something nagging at you ( health, finance, personal issues) then the above list of questions should help you figure some things out.
My cup of hot tea awaits, and so does my bed.
Goodnight sweet dreams

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  1. The one thing that will put me to sleep when I feel that way is deciding to get up. I drop off right away.