Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dog Day

I think that Taz and Calliou knew it was National Dog Day.  They have been on their best behavior all day, well except once when we were getting ready to go for a walk and Calliou got a little rowdy.

I love dogs. Through the years we have had such a strange and wonderful assortment of  mutts.
Small dogs, big dogs, smart ones and not so smart.  We had a yellow lab mix named Gibson who lived to be 17, she was my dog.  She tolerated Rick. Flop and Mop, sadly were not with us long but they were joyful little creatures.  Flop loved to sleep on top of my head, all three pounds of her. Mop was stolen, and Flop was ran over by a car.

We had a big ugly mongrel named Red who had been abused.  When Red came to live with us, he became the protector of all who lived in the Watson house.  There is no doubt in my mind, Red would have taken a bullet for Rick or me.

Blackie Bear, a lab chow mix, and Charlie, a sheep dog mix took care of me as long as they could.
Astro and Buddy liked me, but they belonged to Rick.  Taylor loved us both. There were many more, but dog stories are much like kid stories, they are usually only cute to their parents.

I have never understood how anyone could mistreat a human or a dog. Our dogs have been family members and we have mourned each and everyone's passing. I can't imagine my life without a dog.
I have hugged Taz and Calliou several times today, telling them how glad they chose us.  And they did, they chose us.  They are gifts that the universe bestowed upon us and I am eternally grateful.
Hug your dogs tonight.


  1. Jack grew up with a wide assortment of dogs...big and little. I grew up with just 2 over the years. When our kids were young we had a mutt we got from the pound. We had Ferris for 15yrs. We always called him the Wonder dog! Eddy belongs to our son Jordan who lived with us when he got Ed. We love that dog and consider him a big part of our lives even though he doesn't live with us anymore. I had a dream that we bought a camper and had a dog named Ralph! Ha! Now we always say things like...when we travel in our camper with Ralph we'll go, blah, blah, blah...So for now we have only imaginary Ralph...and camper! Your dogs are lucky to have found such a loving home. Enjoy them!

  2. I've had house full of kids but only three dogs for the kids over the years. Non of our dogs were much protectors except for Peppy the Chihuahua but he really was a push over. My dogs were all rescue dogs in need of a good home.

    Happy Dog Day to all the dogs oiut there.

  3. My family has also had many dogs (as well as a lot of other pets) over the years. Each has it's own distinct personality. I agree that it is hard to understand a person who would harm any living creature.