Thursday, August 20, 2015


Life's circles come quick, sometimes and at other times it seems as though the circle will never come round again.  We had gone through a fallow time as far as gigs and performances, but with last week's fair show, things are on the upturn.  We just got a booking tonight for an Arts Council gig in November and we will be doing a fund-raiser in Sept or October.  Things are starting to move again.

I love the song, Have A Little Faith...and most of the time, you have to do just that.  Have A Little Faith, in me, in life, in the universe, in other people...there comes a time you got to Have A Little Faith.

Faith is a hard commodity to hang on to when nothing seems to be going your way. Faith as little as a grain of mustard seed.  Do you know how tiny a mustard seed is?  Just a little faith can change your life.  I remind myself of that mustard seed quite often.  We think when we are down, when life is tough that we must have a great deal of faith.  That is not true.  Faith, a grain of mustard seed...that is all we need.

If your lack of faith seems to be holding you back, just remember or even go by the seed store and take a look...see for yourself how tiny a mustard seed really is.  Believe in yourself, in your friends and family, in life, in the universe, in your higher power...that is all it takes.  So tonight, have a little faith.


  1. I don't know what I'd do without Faith...I recently heard a statement that we should replace fear with Faith...that's helped me a lot.

  2. I am one of those disgustingly optimistic people. My faith in things turning out well is never ending.