Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday Ramblings

This has been a weekend of all things yoga, sorta.  I have washed yoga mats, blankets, and cleaned eye pillows, organized my yoga bag and made copies of my relaxation cd that I give to students.

Energy has to be focused for me, I work a daily planner, make lists and keep a calendar on the kitchen wall.  I know I might sound rather strange, but to keep my life in balance or some semblance of balance, I have to see what's taking place and put it down pen to paper.

If I don't stay focused, my life tends to be rather like the scattering of marbles on a wood floor...everything goes in all directions at once...and very little is accomplished.

Multi-tasking for me is a waste of energy, I spin my wheels but there are few results.  Now, I can read 3 or 4 different books during the same period of time and tell you all that is taking place in each of them.  Isn't it strange how our brains work? or maybe how we think they work.

What started me down this particular rabbit hole tonight...we watched the 
movie/documentary What The Bleep.  It is an interesting movie, based on quantum physics.  We have watched it a couple of times before, but for some reason, we both felt the urge to watch it again.  Sometimes the thought process just needs a jolt, mine did.

I hope this first week of August is a good one for all of you.  Enjoy these next few weeks of summer, the heat, the flowers, the fruits and veggies...spend as much time as you can outdoors.

Goodnight Sweet dreams


  1. My daughter-in-law used a big desktop calendar to record events when my grandchildren were younger. She said that was the only way she got everything done. She would pull out the calendar each Sunday evening and make all the plans she needed to make for the week to come. She has amazed me at how efficient she is with time.

  2. Making list is my way of staying focused also. Seeing what I have accomplished is rewarding and fuels my energy.

    Staying focused on my long term projects is accomplished by writing it down and putting the list where I can see it daily.

    Most of the time when I work on a long term project, I tend to neglect the things that needs immediate attention like weeding...

    My gardens all need weeding as the weeds are going to seed fast.

    Have a great day.