Saturday, August 8, 2015

Baby Easton

Our family had a baby shower today for our newest edition, Easton.  Easton is a 26 week baby, he barely weighed in at 2 pounds the day he came and is a whopping four pounds now.  He is a doing great!  His doctors and nurses cannot believe how well he is.  He is a little over four weeks old now.

So far Rick and I have only seen pictures of our great,great nephew but we will get to see him up close and personal soon.  One of the most amazing pictures that we have seen of him, he is wearing his dad's wedding band as a bracelet.

Easton is my niece Jayna's grandson.  I remember the day Jayna was born, it is hard to believe she is now a grandmother.  Life is moving way too fast. I also remember Kayla, Easton's mom being born and that seems like yesterday.

It has been a good day, celebrating this new life.  There was great joy, laughter and an occasional tear today.  I know my mom would have been so excited about Easton.  She and my dad would be beside themselves waiting for him to come home.

There is something about new life coming into the family.  Babies give hope in so many ways.
Tonight we say blessings for Easton, for good health and a long happy life. Blessings for his parents that they will be strong and tender, and that they too will have a healthy, long, happy life.

Wishing you all a Sunday full of peace.


  1. Wow, hard to believe how tiny that little baby was and now 4 pounds. Just amazing. Wishing God's blessings on this little guy. Keep us updated on his progress and have a pleasant Sunday.

  2. Hope for the future is what we see in each new addition to the family. Congratulations to you all.