Saturday, August 1, 2015

August 1

August 1...still in the 90's, but low humidity...down in the 60's last night, chilly

August starts soon

August 1...sunflowers saluted the sun today

August 1...planting pumpkins in a couple of days

August 1...the morning light is changing, the angle of the sun hits the windows at a different place

August 1...10,000 steps a day...that is my goal, and most days I make it

August 1...lemonade frozen pops, Jordan and I make them daily

August 1....we play our first county fair in Mississippi this month

August 1...I am so loving this blue moon

August 1...I will not miss bee stings, or bug bites when fall makes an appearance

August 1...zinnias LOVE hot weather, are they related to okra? :)

August 1....savor the moments, summer will fade into fall before we know it

August 1...fresh veggies every day

August 1...fact, white jeans make hot weather bearable

August 1...bare feet on freshly cut grass...heavenly


  1. I can't believe July is over. I need to post before August is a memory! Enjoy the wonderful Summer things you listed while they last and have a good weekend!

  2. I am not sure if you are saying hello to August or goodbye to July. Either way it is good.