Thursday, August 6, 2015


Teaching yoga at an addiction center, I see the results of responsibility and choices daily.
When life gives you a blow, when life with all its unfairness and harshness raises its ugly head, it is easy to place blame on so many levels.

But, what we forget, as adults we make our choices, we make them whether we think them through or just let our whims and friends encourage us down our path.

As humans we do not want pain, we do not want to feel anything bad, we want our lives to be happy, with no sadness...but that is not to be.  Bad things happen, troubles knock on our door, illness and death are part of life...we can't hide, we can't numb ourselves into oblivion.

We can face the storms, and weather them the best we can...knowing that our scars, both physical and emotional become a part of who we are.   Or, we can close our eyes, shut down our  minds,
leaving a train wreck every where we go.

And yes, we leave a train wreck, you might think that what you do affects no one but you....but you would be greatly mistaken.  Every move we make, each word that we say, every deed we perform is like a stone being cast into a pond...the ripples start small but they spread and get larger as time goes by.

I hope that each day we live, we try to remember for every action, there is a reaction...that our lives touch so many every day, in ways many of us will never know.  I hope that we treat each other, the way we want to be treated.  I hope that we accept the responsibilities of our actions and that we  think about our choices...these are my hopes, and I suppose my prayer.


  1. There is much to think about here. Great article.

  2. A true statement to fit us all.
    Sometimes we read something profound and we think it doesn't apply to us personally and it's meant for someone else but we are mistaken. All wisdom applies to each one of us.

    Have a great day.