Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wednesday Musings

Jordan has strep throat, he spent the day with us...he was one sick little kid.  Usually he is up for anything, the most strenuous thing he did today, pick a few blueberries.  Hopefully by tomorrow the meds will kick in and he will be back to normal.

Tending to a sick child, is time-consuming and exhausting...and he is a great patient...but the energy is used checking on him, cooking something he will eat, making sure the fever doesn't go up...of course the hugs.  By the time his grandmother picked him up this afternoon, I had to nap.

Storms rolled in around supper time, winds, lightening and pouring rain...the tomatoes are standing in a small pond right now.  It has not been a very good spring for planting....but the blueberries, wow, they are hanging full of big fat berries.  We have had blueberry smoothies for breakfast every morning this week.

We have a gig this weekend...and after this show, we start to build a new one.  Time to add new songs, take away some of the old ones, and maybe record a new cd.  We don't want our fans to become bored with our shows.

Time to practice a little more, and then maybe an early bedtime.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Hopefully Jordan will feel better. Do you sell your CD's at your appearances? I would be interested in hearing you sing.

  2. Poor Jordan. Hope he's up and running around in no time. I also hope you don't pick up any germs. Not something you need!! Take care of YOU! XX

  3. Poor guy! I have held my gr-daughters many times when they are sick (strep incl.) and spoiled them thoroughly.
    Blueberries! Do you have gooseberries as well?