Thursday, May 28, 2015

House of Strep

Now Rick has strep throat...I have sprayed the house and me with everything and anything that will kill germs.  I am eating Airborne by the handfuls.  I am performing ancient rites, my toes are crossed and so are my fingers....please don't let me get strep!

Jordan is better today, but Rick has been one sick puppy.  I made hot chicken soup for dinner tonight.
Hoping his meds kick in by morning.

It is pouring rain...the system that hung around Texas has come into our neighborhood...the backyard has become a pond.  Thank goodness we live on top of a hill.

I am exhausted tonight, caring for the sick is a tough job, but they are worth it.
My warm cozy bed is calling, and I think it is time for...
Goodnight, Sweet dreams.


  1. I used to get strep constantly as a kiddo..I can't imagine how awful Rick must feel to have it as an adult. I hope he's well soon and also praying for you..that's one nasty bug you really don't need! Take care you two!

  2. Make sure to take good care of yourself as you are taking care of your sick patients. Good luck.

  3. Hope Rick's better soon. And fingers crossed for you!