Monday, May 4, 2015

Me, Fly Fish?

Meet Spencer, fly fisherman extraordinaire........ I love meeting new people, especially those with sweet spirits like Spencer.  He is trying to convince Rick that he should take me fly fishing with him sometime........not sure how good I would be, but Spencer and Rick seem to think I might be pretty good.  Warning to all trout, keep a special watch out for me......I might decide to come after you guys.

Now that would be a as a fly fisher.  I love the places you go to fly fish and it does look like a dance when the guys find the rhythm.......I am giving this some serious thought,  will keep you all posted.

It has been such a wonderful peaceful day.......I have done nothing, but lunch with an old friend, take a long walk and nap.......I suggest you all have a day like this soon.
good night, sweet dreams


  1. I only went fishing on a boat once with my brother in law and his wife and my husband and I chose my own lure which was a fat purple plastic worm and I was the only one who caught a big catfish. It was so strong and it was pulling the line under the boat and I was screaming with delight and needed help to pull it in. It was a strong fish.

    Go for it girl and have the time of your life.

  2. For me fishing is a good opportunity to meditate. It is very relaxing.

  3. It is a beautiful art, give it a go!

  4. You could do it! Give it a shot! I'm working my way to a long walk, pain free...finally!