Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Sometimes I think about why I named this blog Transformation Information.....my fascination with transformed lives started when I was a child.   I loved movies about people whose lives were transformed, I still do.  I love working where I do because I know that for many who come through the program, their lives are transformed.

I believe that no matter our past, we can be transformed, if we want it, if we are willing to accept responsibility and are willing to put in the work that transformation takes. Many wish for transformation but are never willing to pay the price, but for those who are willing.......transformation can take place.

I was a make-up artist for many years, once again it was that fascination with transformation.....it was truly magical to "make-over" a woman who had been stuck in the muck of life.  Maybe she had gone through a divorce, or some other life altering incident.......maybe just years of living had robbed her of her self-esteem....... working as a make-up artist had its moments, when you saw the gleam in a woman's eyes and knew she had found the woman she knew she could become.

I love transformation.......I love to evolve......I love growth. I think that life is experience and we can take those experiences and evolve and transform or we stay the same, locked in our thoughts, and ways.......and wake up one day, sad and resentful  because we remained a caterpillar when we could have become a butterfly.  Tonight, my wish......is that one day, we all become butterflies.


  1. Jilda, I think that you should write a column in your local newspaper about Transformation. Everyone needs transformation until the ultimate final transformation.
    I really think it would benefit people and I know you'd be good at this.


  2. Just lovely. Helping people to transform must give you such pleasure. I can picture the butterflies emerging to fly and soar on a gentle breeze.