Monday, May 18, 2015


It is easy to let life get you down...I hear sad stories daily...and I see the hurt on people's faces and hear it in their voices.  But I keep saying over and over....we have to appreciate the good days, the good things.  Life is all about the circle and though it might that there is a never ending circle of bad, there is good.  I think it is just easier to remember the bad or dwell on it.

I urge you to take news vacations...when you watch the news day after day, you begin to think there is nothing good left...when you reach that point...quit watching and listening to the daily news.
Give yourself a break, time to understand and see the good around you, look for the's there.

News fasts are healthy...being a news junkie is not.  Life goes on whether you worry about it or not.
The world continues whether you watch the news or not.  Taking a break helps you to keep life in perspective, it helps you think for yourself and to be in the now. Your consumption of hours of daily news will not change the just stresses you out, lowers your vibration and helps to contribute to the gloom of others around you.

Tomorrow, skip the news.  Tomorrow, each hour, find something good around you.  Tomorrow, look for beauty and goodness.  Tomorrow, find three things to be grateful for. Tomorrow, be kind to someone and don't expect anything in return.


  1. Learn from yesterday, live today, and hope for tomorrow.

  2. Yes Jilda, I agree. I have stop watching the news but my husband is a news and politic junkie. I hear bits of news but I don't sit there especially to watch it. I find the repetition a bit too much.

    Being away from electronics is good too.
    Have a good life.

  3. Good challenges for tomorrow! I don't read much news. I stick to the silly stuff in our little hometown paper. I do listen to it while getting ready for work but try and put it out of my head before leaving the house. One of the good things about blogging are the good uplifting stories and yours! Thanks Jilda and have a really good day tomorrow!