Sunday, May 10, 2015

Rest and Relaxation

It has been some time since I actually took a week off work........I did that this past week.  The first part was spent down in Fairhope celebrating our anniversary, the latter just hanging out at home.
I did not realize how badly I needed the nothing time until I took body needed it, my spirit needed it even more.

I read once that many people get sick when they take vacation time, it has happened to me more than once......the theory behind this.......that most of us run on adrenalin and when we actually slow down and rest, the body succumbs to illness......and I will admit, that I spent a couple of days not so well last week.....but the rest and relaxation was perfection, and I find myself wishing I had just a couple of more days of R and R.

We humans are interesting creatures, or maybe it is just me.......I know I need a certain amount of rest, that my body needs to recharge and yet I continue to deny it.  You see, my transformation is constantly taking place, just the same as yours.......I admit I am much better about rest than I once was, I certainly don't feel guilty about any more, but often I just tend to know the story, there is so much to be done, the list just grows, etc.

But a week off was wonderful, I know when I teach tomorrow, I will be a better teacher because of the rest and the recharging of spirit.  I was thinking this afternoon that two weeks would have been really nice.  :)   Here's hoping your week is a good one, that your days are less stressful, your nights restful, and that every day, you laugh out loud.


  1. I'm happy to hear you had a great and relaxing vacation Jilda. .. we all need that from time to time xox ♡

  2. I'm glad you got rested. I too need a bit of vacation. After a while I'm just putting one feet ahead of the other and go but I admit, I'm tired too.

  3. When we flew to Oregon to see the kids I got sick right before we left to come home. I hardly ever get sick so I blamed the plane ride. Since I hate flying that seemed the right thing to do! I'm glad you ended your R&R feeling better. Staycations are really more my speed. Take care this week...don't over do it!

  4. Perhaps you need to plan a few more time-outs for yourself. Then your body will not go into vacation shock when you get the opportunity to take a longer amount of time off.