Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Listen to Your Heart

I was just wrapping up my first class today, when a pounding headache began...it was the alert that a little bout with meningitis was about to take place.  I quickly took my meds and sat in the floor drinking water.  A gentleman appeared at my door and wanted to know if I would be starting the meditation class soon.  To be honest I was hopping that no one would show up for the second class, my head was pounding so hard.  But, I was starting to feel better...and my heart told me to stay and teach.

I invited him...at first he was hesitant, he looked at me and knew I did not feel well.  But I promised him that I was feeling better and to come on in the room....just give me a few minutes for the meds to kick in. He sat down and we begin to talk.

His story was one that I hear every day... " I can't go to sleep at night.  I can't turn my brain off.
The chatter never stops.  I am so stressed, so tired."  I talked with him at length about meditation, what it was, how it worked and discussed some of the different ways to meditate.  I decided that Joppa would work well for him.

We sat in the floor, I closed the blinds....and we began.  About 20 minutes later, I asked him to slowly open his eyes.  The first words out of his mouth..." you are a God-send."  He  began to tell me how peaceful he felt, how relaxed.  You could see it on his face...he looked ten years younger.

He told me several times how much he appreciated me staying to meditate with him and that he would be back on Thursday.  I am so glad I listened to my heart. After the meditation, I felt better and he felt much better...it would have been easy  to tell him I was not well and I needed to go home.
But my heart told me to stay...he needed me, but I needed him more.  The meditation class did us both a world of good.


  1. Jilda... this is something I needed to read. I have been wanting to meditate and had no idea where to start... I am going to YouTube this 'Joppa' it sounds like what I need as I am rarely able to turn things off and sleep... xox

  2. It was a fortunate meeting for both of you. Helping someone else is almost always beneficial to you as well.