Thursday, May 14, 2015


Each day I listen as my students walk into the yoga room...I know within a few minutes how their day has been.  Most were subdued as they came into class today, a couple talked about how difficult their day had been.  I knew today would be a meditation day, today would be temple massages, today would be very gentle asanas.

They have all seen me on the days that meningitis has hit me, so I told them that today was their day to be cared for, their day to be nurtured.   It was a good energy day for me, time for me to share and give.

After class, some of them had tears in their eyes...because I listened, I was able to help them through a rough day.  I find that often as I scurry about my day I don't listen as I should...I am trying to do better.  Listening is an hear and not judge, to hear and try to figure out what you can takes much energy.  You can't listen and multi-task, you can't listen and text or read your messages ( though you think you might). To truly listen and hear what is being said, takes focus and energy.

Tomorrow, take the time to listen to someone...stop what you are doing and listen to them.  They will know and appreciate it...and your connection to that person will be much better.  You will understand what they are saying, and they will feel appreciated because you listened...truly listened and heard their words.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. You are a wise woman. I will make an extra effort to follow your advice.

  2. That is good advice, Jilda.