Friday, May 15, 2015

Snow Cones

Snow cones...Jordan loves them.  We learned to make the syrup, we have a blender that turns ice to snow. Everyday is now a snow cone day and he is a happy boy.  The secret recipe ...a half pack of kool aide, one cup of sugar and half cup of water.  Bring sugar and water to a boil add kool aide, pour over ice
And as Jordan says Enjoy!  I know it's not healthy, but you are only seven


  1. Oh my, that a lot of sugar but the snow cones sounds like a cool treat on a hot day. Maybe he could substitute real fruit juice for cool aid but it would take the fun out of it, and like he said, you are only seven once.

    Funny, years ago, when my kids were small, they consumed a lot of sugar. I remember they drank Tang until I realized it wasn't healthy. When I caught my daughter sucking on the corner of a full package, then I substituted Tang for frozen orange juice.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I do not believe it is the sugar as much as lifestyles that will cause problems. Jordan seems like an active little boy so his snow cones should not cause much harm.