Sunday, May 24, 2015


We had friends and family come over this afternoon.  Ribs and all that good stuff, kids playing in the backyard.  The rains held off until time to eat, then the monsoons hit.  That's ok, we moved everything indoors, the kids had play dough and finger paints....all was good.

We heard our song Bad Dog on Southbound Radio tonight...such a rush to hear our music on the never gets old.

It has been a weekend of mixed emotions...a year ago Friday, one of our best friends made his final transition, I still miss him.  He was a musician, an incredible one ( he played with John Denver).
I find myself wondering if he and John are sitting around playing somewhere.

I also find myself thinking of our friends who have died fighting for this country, and the ones who are still fighting, willing to lay down their lives for the USA.  I also find myself thinking of those who came back home, but the battles still rage in their heads.  Saying I am grateful seems so small, yet there are no other words that seem adequate.  It is a time of remembrance.

I think it's time to rest, I cooked for four hours today...I am a wee bit tired.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. It is a time for remembering the ones we no longer have. I was sitting here today thinking of my brothers, my parents, my in-laws and all the others who meant so much to me. It is good to reflect on the things they added to my life.

  2. I feel blessed that my family members who served came home safe and whole in body and spirit. I'm so grateful to those who gave the ultimate gift for our freedom. I loved John Denver and anyone at work will tell you who has a big smile when his music comes on the radio...and I'd have a big smile if yours came across too! That would be so cool! Rest up and I'm glad you had a nice day with friends and family.