Thursday, May 7, 2015

Quality of Life

Today was my first day with my new treatment........because of my diagnosis of bronchiectasis , my pulmonary doc wrote a prescription for a Smartvest.  This is totally different from the IVIG that I took for three years because of Primary Immune Deficiency.  This Smartvest is pretty amazing, it is an airway clearance system.  In the past because I have such a buildup of what I call lung gunk, Rick would pound on my back trying to loosen the lungs have also been suctioned and flushed to help get rid of the gunk......and I have also been on antibiotic rotation for years.

It has been several weeks since I was able to take a deep breath...... all that changed today with the first was quite an experience......the vest is a nice bright purple ( I got to pick my color) and a wonderful RT came to our house today to help me.  Within the first five minutes I knew this was the treatment I had needed for a long time.  It is rather unique because the vest creates high frequency chest wall oscillation which shears mucus away from the walls of the lung's airways, reduces the viscosity of the secretions and in layman's terms helps me to cough up the lung gunk.

After that first 30  minute treatment I was able to take a deep breath.  Wow......the downside, the dogs are freaked by the sound ( sounds like a helicopter) and the vibration ( I shake, rattle and roll).......but we will all get use to it soon I am sure.  I will be doing two 30 minute treatments daily.  This treatment is used for Cystic Fibrosis and Bronchiectasis........whoever developed this......I send them blessings of all good things for they and their families......I can't tell you how good it feels to take a deep breath tonight, and know that this will help  to keep the lung gunk at bay and improve my quality of life.

I am grateful tonight for technology, for my pulmonary doc, for Electromed, the company who created my Smartvest.  Quality of life, that is what it's all about.


  1. I must say it sounds like some device devised by Tesla. I hope it keeps working.

  2. WOW - I went and read about the company and products. Watched on You Tube. Jilda. Wonderful.

  3. Oh Jilda... I was so happy to read this... those inventors are amazing... I'm glad they used their God given talent to help so many others ♡♡♡

  4. I'm so glad for you that you have finally found a system that will make you improve the quality of your life and I bet it will also improve your singing since you can breath better.

  5. Wonderful news. So happy to hear about this new technology to know that you could do something that we all take for granted. Healing energies to you Jilda!

  6. My son's an RT...I'll have to ask him about this. It sounds wonderful and I'm surprised I've never heard of it. It's so exciting to see the new technology and how quickly it changes. But to see and hear of the success of folks like you who benefit from it is wonderful. I'm so happy for you! Let's see if I remember that saying that goes..."It's not the amount of breaths you take in life that counts...but the moments that take your breath away" I'm sure you've had and will continue to have, many awesome moments. Have a good weekend.