Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Treatment #33

The lessons continue from the big green chair......treatment #33 today.  The room was crowded this morning, but familiar faces, my friend Louis, and my beautiful nurses were there.  There was sadness there for some was not so good do you find hope, when you are given none?  But my friend and chair buddy Louis said it best "focus on living, not dying".

The brand was switched for the drip today, and I received two bags of fluid .......and tonight I am cautiously optimistic.  I have felt different this evening......not so drained and feverish......that is far, no headache.  Only time will tell, it is my understanding the serum sickness can hit anywhere from the day of the drip to 14 days later, and I can testify to that fact.

I appreciate all your prayers, and good thoughts......I will go through each day the next couple of weeks hoping that this is the answer.....if it's not.....then back to the drawing board.  There are still more options, more ways to skin this cat.  :)

So I will enjoy that beautiful moon's light, take it easy the next few days and spend some time with the dogs.  My lesson from the big green chair today.......enjoy each might be your last.

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  1. I hope this works better for you! A good friend of mine just finished her last radiation treatment on Tuesday and it's always a good day when good results come from a very bad diagnosis. Your closing comment about enjoying each day is very significant on this day...September's so very true...good night to you!