Saturday, September 13, 2014


Memories......have you noticed that they come and go when you least expect them?  Sometimes they are triggered by a sound, a smell, a song.......a memory can be an exquisite, delightful experience or it can stir up fear and sadness.

The memory of my very first watch floated across my brain today.  My grandmother, Mamie bought it for me as a Christmas gift in the 60's.  It was one of those really big, mod ones.....a clunky leather strap and a big silver face.......each time I wore it, I thought I was so cool.

I think what started me down this path........I heard the song yesterday, The Way We Were.
I know it is probably a chick song, truly, a chick movie.......but I think the song itself
nails the power of memories.

All my life I remembered how the back yard of Mamie's smelled......a mix of damp red clay, coffee grounds, herbs, and flowers.  I had never smelled that mixture of scents anywhere but her backyard.....until, about 15 years ago when our dog Charlie ( who has passed over the rainbow) came to live with us.  Every few months, he smelled exactly like Mamie's back strange was that?

I hope if your memories come knocking this weekend, they are the good ones.......if the bad ones come along, just let them pass on by.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams.


  1. I try to look at bad memories as life's to cope with the trials we're given or the mistakes we make. Then put them away! Maybe Mamie sent Charlie to you...and along with him those scents of good never know! Hope you're feeling better and the side affects from the new treatment are mild.

  2. I love that song and that Movie... memories can be so incredible... some so sad. I agree we need to cherish the good ones and pass by the bad ones...