Thursday, September 25, 2014


There are days, I see so much pain in faces that I hurt physically just from seeing it.  There are days that I see fear, and self-loathing and my arms are not long enough to give a hug big enough to help.
I come home, bone tired, wear of body and spirit.

But even on those days, there are bright moments.  Seconds when you see a sparkle in someone's eye, or the first real smile spread across their face, and then you tell yourself maybe just maybe you helped.

This has been a week for many good byes......I watch them leave my room, fearful, hopeful of the life they will soon start......of the pieces that they have to pick up.  I understand the words, pray without ceasing......I do it everyday, many times at night when I wake up and think of someone or see their face.  Prayers that they are happy, they are healthy and safe.....prayers that they find the life they so desperately crave.

I need my warm cozy bed, I need some rest, and probably a few prayers myself.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Jilda... I will definitely send out some prayers for you... I already did and I'll continue to pray for you♡

  2. I hate watching anything sad or violent on TV. There's so much pain in the world and I just can't understand why humans are so cruel at times. I try to remember that there is more good happening everyday that doesn't make the news. Prayers for you and this weary world. You do so much good in your work...I hope you always remember that.