Saturday, September 6, 2014

Moon Musings

There is thunder in the distance, the clouds are moving swiftly tonight.......they dance across the almost full moon, threatening, teasing the earth with shadowy glimpses of the September moon.
As much as I love seeing the moon, I am hoping the clouds maintain their march and bring rain to the parched earth.  A cold rainy spring, a mild summer and then heat and drought came in August......
The leaves and grasses are withering and dust is everywhere.  We need the rain.

A hot dry September happens here in the south fairly often.......ninety degree heat in September feels much warmer than it does in August.  The day the page turns and September appears, I mentally prepare myself for fall.  The heat of summer should not compete with fall clothing, pumpkins and crisp apples.

I bought root vegetables at the produce stand today......fresh beets and sweet potatoes......tomorrow's lunch, roasted with olive oil, a sprinkle of sea salt and maybe some fresh rosemary.......a feast to welcome the changing of the seasons.  I wish the apples were ripe.....I'd make an apple pie.
Wishing all of you, a peaceful, restful Sunday......spend it wisely.
Goodnight Sweet dreams

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