Friday, September 26, 2014

Invitation to Rain Dance

Since Jordan was around two years old, we have taught him songs, from every genre of music we know.  One of his favorite songs to sing when he walks with us on the trail.......It's A Great Day to Be Alive.  He sings it at the top of his lungs, and when he is really happy, he has been known to make up a couple of verses of his own.

I heard the song on the radio today and smiled.......for the rest of my life, anytime I hear that song.....I will always think of Jordan and how much fun it is to walk the trail with him.  He also sings She's A his big red dog, Lady.  When I am down, all it take is a few minutes with Jordan to brighten my day.  Amazing what a six year old can do for your spirit.

It's Friday night, I hope that means for most of you a week end break from your normal Monday through Friday gig.  Once again the weather guys are teasing us with the threat of is so dry and dusty here......I hope the fall monsoons set in.  Ya'll help me do a rain dance!
Goodnight, Sweet dreams.

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