Sunday, September 14, 2014

Jordan's Treasure

We visited our friend Asa,  yesterday.......she sent us home with a box of books and assorted odds and ends for Rick and I and my niece Jayna to sort through.  She gave me several bird books and a pair of binoculars and also included some books about the solar system and stars for Jordan.
I gave Jordan the binoculars and books yesterday afternoon.......he was beside himself with joy.

The persimmon tree in the front yard is loaded with persimmons and there were butterflies every where sipping on the nectar of the ripe persimmons.  Jordan went out to investigate up close with the binoculars.  As he was "spying" on a large blue butterfly, a large orange and black one started to chase him.  I had never seen anything like it.  The butterfly finally decided to rest on his arm......Jordan freaked.  What a strange and fun event.

Today, Jordan and his mom and granddad,  spent the afternoon gazing at planes up in the sky, birds in the trees and squirrels running across the yard.......he has discovered a whole new world through those binoculars. It was the best gift a six year old boy could ever get.
Before they went home yesterday, he also had to read one of the books to us......The Night Sky.
He will never forget Miss Asa and her wonderful gifts.

I know Asa was just clearing out some stuff she no longer needed........but it proved that one man's junk is another man's treasure.  Jordan hit the jackpot yesterday.  Though you can't see the butterfly that was chasing Jordan in the picture below, it is obvious he is dancing with something.

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