Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Sometimes no matter how hard you try, there is someone you can't reach.  I have a student that I am struggling with.  I look at him, his body broken, his spirit a mess and think you need what I can teach you as much as anyone I have ever met........but every time he comes to class, there is disdain in his eyes, disbelief on his face and a wall that he has built around his heart.

It has been a while since I have had someone so resistant to anything that I say.  I know that yoga is not for everyone, I am good with that......but even talking about the benefits of breath work......his eyes glaze over.  You may be asking why is he in my class, often the counselors will write yoga into a patient's treatment plan......they have to come.

It has been a difficult couple of weeks, I have not felt my best......it has been one of those times in my life when I have doubted and questioned myself.  I know this too shall pass, I know in my heart I can't help everyone......yet I still want to help.  

I am off tomorrow, but there is a doctor's visit.......the good news, tomorrow night, Jordan and I are baking Valentine's cookies for his classmates.  We will be sure and take pictures.  He gets pretty creative with the colored sugars.  
The rain is pouring, I am cold and tired, I think my bed and a cup of tea calls to me. And I know, all are not unreachable.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams 


  1. It's too bad that he's shut himself off from what can really help his life. If he figured that out, maybe he could improve so he wouldn't be in that situation. But you can't want it more than him...you can just give him the tools and hope he "gets it" one day. Sad for him and I'm sorry it's made you sad too.

  2. You may never know the effect you have on him, but it may be much more than you think. Bless you for caring so much.

  3. I wonder what has caused this brick wall to be built around him. His heart chackra must be closed and he just can receive love or give it.

    The things you can't do, Jesus can. I found that prayers from the heart works if given time. Healing takes time.

    I don't know what addiction or damage this student has suffered but Jesus can unbind him from this state.
    We have to pray for those who can't pray for themselves. I have been praying on my knees every night for what felt like were several hopeless situations and now I'm seeing that Jesus was listening to my prayers and little by little I can now see a big change and everyone I was praying for has improved and are on the road to changing for the better.

    Just like the snow has to melt and the sun has to shine and the bud has to push through the hard bark before we can see a little bud and soon it gets bigger and opens up to be what it's supposed to be. It takes time.

    I'm not religious but I have faith in Jesus' word.

    If you give me a first name, I will pray for this student of yours.