Friday, February 22, 2013

A Good Night, A Good Gig

Still the rain comes down, but neither fog nor rain nor cold kept our friends and family away from our gig tonight!  We had a great crowd, and it was so much fun to share the stage with our musical friends
The Spook House Saints.  I am so tired, it starts early, loading equipment, unload, set up, play and then tear it down and head home.   But that hour on stage is worth it all.

Tonight after the show a woman walked up to me and said you don't know who I am do you?  It was an old friend from my past!  We had not seen each other in years.  She and her friend were driving by, saw that Hart and Soul ( venue where we were playing) had live music and they came in.......and there I was on stage.   It was so good to see Jo, just an added bonus!  Life can throw some great surprises.

Still an adrenalin rush, but starting to slow down, sleep will come a little later tonight, but that is ok.
Wishing you all a warm and cozy night, hoping that sunshine finds us all soon! Sending you songs straight from my heart full of love.
goodnight, sweet dreams

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