Friday, February 8, 2013

All Things Remarkable

Maybe it is the residue of the drip, but I like to think it was all the love that was sent to me last night......I had a night full of wonderful beautiful dreams.  Thank you all.

Today was better, not great, but better.  This too shall pass.

I did have a little melt-down this morning, I am never snippy and I was very snippy that when Rick asked why I wasn't spreading any sunshine today.......well, I kinda told him what he could do with his sunshine.  But, the sun did shine this afternoon,  the yuckiness  is fading, the fever and aches are better and yes, I did apologize to Rick.

It was wonderful to see blue skies this afternoon and the sunset tonight was one of those vivid rose to burnt orange to red to golden yellow and back to red ones.   Looking at bare black trees against all that color seemed surreal, but it served as a reminder that there is great beauty even on a difficult day.

Wishing  you a weekend of rest, joy and all things remarkable.
Good night, Sweet dreams


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  2. Sorry I didn't make my round yesterday. I went to bed real early because I was falling asleep with being so behind on my sleep. It caught up to me.

    We are having a major big snow storm today with high wind and whiteouts.

    I'm hoping that today will find you more rested and feeling a bit stronger. You're on the up swing now till the next time.

    Wishing you courage and strength and take the best of every day and claim it for you.

  3. Hope you're feeling better today. It's hard to be "sunshiney" when you feel like crap! I'm so glad we don't have the winter craziness the east is getting. We actually have sun! Have a good weekend Jilda and rest up.

  4. Well, we all do "snippy" once in awhile. Especially when we are sick. God bless, Jilda.

  5. What a beautiful description of the sky, Jilda. You always breath out love and peace, no matter what happens to you. I hope you are feeling much better now. Hugs.