Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Different Kind of Class

Tomorrow will be the start of my second year of treatments.......as always I am  a little anxious, but once they start all is well.

Today was body awareness in class, we used tennis balls, foam rollers and rolling pins.  It is interesting to see where you hold stress in the body.  For instance, place a tennis ball on the floor, roll it around with your bare foot, placing all your weight on the ball.  Any places that are tender, painful?
Check out a reflexology chart and see what it tells you.  A rolling pin can help ease stress and tension in your back, tightness in your hamstrings or quads.  One student told me after class that it was the time in six weeks that he felt no tension in his back.

Breath work, meditation and some body work.......a good way to let go of stress, get the kinks out, and put a smile on your face.  I try to make every class different, each unique and always.......teach it with love.  Today was not a traditional yoga class in the sense of postures, but it was very much yoga.

Tomorrow is an early day.
Good night, Sweet dreams

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  1. I used to do Yoga years ago and I've had some reflexology done on me. It helped me sleep soundly through the night. I've had some touch healing and it's amazing all the secrets our body holds. Like the Chakras and the energy centres. All so interesting....

    I took the first level in touch healing and it's amazing how I could feel the energy from the subject I was working on and I could feel the tingling in my finger tips when I pass my hands over some parts of the body that was compromised.

    All this without touching the subject. The only time we touch the person was when we grounded them by holding their ankles.

    I know that I should take up Yoga again but it's hard to change my habits as my day is so full all the time.