Monday, February 25, 2013

Time For Yourself

Time for yourself, that particular phrase has crossed my brain several times today.  I actually spent some time for myself this morning.  Rick is taking a master gardening class on Mondays, so the dogs and I hang out together.

Since I teach 10 to 12 classes per week, and sing most weekends, and practice several times  a week, my voice tends to think it has ran a marathon......this morning, I did not speak to the dogs, didn't talk with anyone on the was heaven.  My energy level has been so much better today.
I saw an interview with a Broadway actress several years ago, she said that one day a week
( the day she had off from her show) she spoke to no one.  She mentioned how much it helped her energy and her voice.  I am trying to choose at least few hours each week that I can spend mute.

Time for means many things to each of us........for me silence.....for you it might mean two hours on the phone with a friend, for someone else an hour at the gym.  But no matter what it means to you, it is vital that you take time for yourself.......every day would be good,  but once a week is essential for your well-being, for your survival.  Time for yourself.....let it become your mantra.


  1. Good idea, Jilda. I do love having time to myself. This is usually in the mornings when I read or do crosswords in bed.

  2. Yes, sometimes even the radio or music is an imposition. Silence can be so lovely.

  3. When we lived in town I walked most days to and from work. Walking home was great. It was quiet. I had that time to digest my work day, feel the fresh air, and wind down before reaching home and dealing with all the kiddos and dinner and home life! Enjoy those quiet Mondays!