Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Finger Tips

My fingertips have indentations on them tonight, Rick and I made a pact to take our performing to the next level........I didn't realize it would include pain.   :)   Well, I sorta did.   Sometimes I look at my friends with  beautifully manicured  nails and think wow, wish my hands looked like that.
But then I realize to play guitar, how very short my nails have to be and, my hands are quite often in paint, and in dirt...... lacquered nails are not, have not and never will be in my picture. So instead, my toe nails are purple or teal or some strange color.

I am proud of my calloused finger tips.  I am still no where near the guitarist that I want to be, and I may never reach that level, but I have something to shoot for.  Sometimes I think of all the energy, all the work, the tears, the time that I have put into music, ........and then I think  that is nothing, the really great artists have put way more reps in than me.  But, I can't imagine anyone having more fun
performing than I do.  Music has been a magical path, bringing friends and wonderful experiences to an ordinary life of a small town girl.

I am grateful for parents that encouraged  me to sing, to play......of course they would have preferred my musical  performances be in a church.  :)    I know in my heart they were proud of my voice, and the songs that Rick and I have written.

We have bought guitars for, given piano and guitar lessons to many of our nieces and nephews. None of them have been consumed with the desire that we have.......but that is ok, just the exposure added to their growth.

So tonight, I feel the soreness in my finger tips, feel the fatigue in my voice and know that tomorrow, I will do it all over again.  It is a part of me, a part of who I am and what I do......I wouldn't have it any other way.  Come Friday night, for a couple of hours, the joy of performing will remind me, how good it really it is......and one day, I hope I sing in your town.


  1. Art and creativity are worth suffering for!

    p.s. I hope so too! Take care

  2. I would love it if you sang in our town! That "no pain, no gain" thing must be true...I sympathize with the short nails. Working in surgery we can't have long nails or fake nails and we scrub our hands 10 million times a day with strong's a no win situation. Atleast you get some beautiful music and fun out it!