Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Blues

The wind is howling tonight, it has been all day.  Rain is on its way, again.
My body told me all of this before I stepped one foot out the door this morning.
Most days I move without stiffness, with barely any effort, but then there are days like today.

I think my body might be rusting, like the old 49 Ford tractor in our barn.......I am not as old as the that tractor.......but I do feel the years tonight.  Hot tea and a warm bed beckon to they lie or will they really comfort me?  Maybe the rain on the tin roof will be the lullaby I search for tonight.

Mondays are tough, three classes back to back, class notes to work on, cds to record, blankets to wash......I know cry me a river.  I have to surrender, the bed is winning.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Even though today is Tuesday, the wind has arrived and took our warmish temps down to the mid 20's. I had a small headache all day and I figured it was from the changes coming....our bodies are really wonderful indications of what's happening in our day..our life...our moods. Sounds like you are really doing so much...maybe too much? Your body will remind you to slow it down. I hope you feel better today and take some time to rest. (wait, now I sound like an old mother hen!)

  2. Hi Jilda, sorry that I haven't come around to cheer you up but it's hard to cheer someone when one is also feeling blue. I have felt down in the dump too and I'm having difficulty cheering myself up. I've been like that for most of February. I'm counting the days to spring. Tomorrow it will be 26 more days.

    Just hang in there and soon spring will improve your mood and hopefully your health too.