Sunday, February 24, 2013

Prepare For The Rough Spots

"Take control of events while they are peaceful. Prevent difficulties
before they arise. Prepare for rough spots while the going is still smooth. Deal with the situation before it descends into chaos."
- Lao Tzu

I know this quote, I believe it is a truth......but I don't always remember or practice it.
I usually remember it after the fact......but I am getting better at it.  After all, who thinks of rough spots when the going is smooth?

Not sure why this quote spoke to me so strongly tonight, maybe it is a harbinger of what's to come this week, for me or some of you.  I was never a "Scout" though I did attend a few meetings and that stuff about being prepared made sense.

So, here's hoping for a good week, but let's be prepared for the rough spots.


  1. As a long time Scouter I hesitate to think about the rough spots when the going is good..I'm afraid I'll jinx myself! But I do believe in being prepared and try to keep up. Still, I'm also a bit of a "head in the sand" kinda gal at times. I don't even like to look ahead at my surgery schedule to see what I'll be assigned to do. I just stew or worry about it or think too much and not get enough sleep! Hope your week is good though and your rough spots get plenty of sanding down so it's all slick going!

  2. Interesting. I think I am the kind of person who thinks too much about the rough spots, so now I am trying to let go of those thoughts and embrace the present. It must be a matter of finding the right balance.

  3. I do believe in preparing for the rough spots, but it's hard when you are married to an eternal optimist!

  4. I think that another preventable quote I like is a stitch in time saves nine.

    Hope that your rough spots will smooth up.