Saturday, July 27, 2019

Tomato Lottery

We got to spend some time in Muscle Shoals yesterday and last night.  Heard great music, saw old friends, that's about as good as it gets.

Today has been a get'er done kind of day.  Clean the house, do the chores, all that kind of stuff.
I am so tired this evening, I thought today was Sunday.  I realized a little while ago, nope, tomorrow is Sunday!  Maybe there will be some rest time tomorrow afternoon.   I remembered this afternoon that my class is over and because it is, I regained almost two days of week personal time.

Crops this summer have been all or nothing.  We have hit the tomato lottery, and the pepper and blueberry one as well.  The apple trees and pear trees and peach tree were loaded, but then just like last year heat and drought hit.  All the fruit fell to the ground.  But the figs are starting to ripen and they are plentiful.

It will be an early night.  We were up way past our bedtime last night.  Enjoy your Sunday.
Be kind, Be joyful.

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