Thursday, July 11, 2019

Plow Memories

You can tell looking at the picture that the old plow doesn't get used much anymore.  These days  most of our gardening is done in containers and raised beds.  It's just easier on the joints and with the two of us, we don't plant the field like we did when my parents were alive.

I love that old plow.  The last time I saw my dad down in the field, he was teaching Rick to use the plow to harvest sweet potatoes.  It's one of those memories etched forever in my brain.

My dad picked up one of the sweet potatoes, laughing as he told me, " I'll make a farmer out of that boy yet."  Little did I know in six months my dad would be dead.

Sometimes when I walk by that old plow, I swear I can still hear my dad laughing.

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