Sunday, July 21, 2019


One more week of class, two more tests.   Looking at this photo this evening is calming, know that the ocean is there on the other side of the dunes.  Jordan wants to go to this beautiful place, I want to go back.  Now to convince Rick that we need to plan a trip.

The weather guys are saying things like cold front coming through this week.  I am skeptical, but hopeful.  Daytime temps in the 80's with night time lows in the 60's sound delightful.

Can you believe July is almost over?  School starts here in a couple of weeks. 

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  1. We have been in a heatwave and it is finally cooler this morning. I can't believe that school is starting in two weeks already. Here school stops near the end of June and starts back in September.
    Good luck on your tests.
    Hugs, Julia