Thursday, July 18, 2019

Teacher Success

Thursdays are draining. I spend about two hours with my Pain Management class.  I love teaching these groups.  Today the class dealt with lifestyle and how it affects those with chronic pain.
We talked about, ways to make the changes that would make lives easier.  We covered diet and nutrition, how to get a good night's sleep and movement.

I watched remarkable changes take place in a couple of the students today.  At times the class was quite serious, but then we laughed a great deal.  I also took healthy snacks so as we talked about eating and working on a healthy body they got to experience healthy food.

I watched students move in ways they thought were impossible.  They left armed with knowledge and confidence.  I felt successful as a teacher.

I hope your Friday gets your weekend off to a great start.  Have some fun and always be kind.


  1. Always, Jilda, a pleasure to read your post each day. You inspire.

  2. Diet, sleep, movement - how very true!
    I would also add stress management, put it even at the top of things. It's possible to control stress, but it involves giving up big things like job, location, relationship, addictions.