Monday, July 29, 2019

Fig Preserves

We have an abundance of figs.  I dried some last year, but this year I thought I might make fig preserves.  I called my sister  Nell and got the basic recipe, then I did as I always do and tweaked it.   I made lemon ginger fig preserves.  I set aside one jar today that we could sample tonight.
I had some Brie and Carr crackers.  All I can tell you, Rick and I ate half a jar of the preserves.
( it was our dinner)  For my first time making them, I think I did ok.

The true test will be when Jordan comes over tomorrow.  He loves figs.  We will see what he says. I might have to make another batch in a couple of days.  Don't want those figs to waste.

A few clouds in the sky tonight.  We are hoping, seriously hoping for rain. 

Hot tea awaits. 
Goodnight, sweet dreams


  1. I've never eaten figs. I think I would do like you...make jam. Yum! Enjoy. I bet Jordan will love your preserves!

  2. My daughter bought figs when she was here and I had a few. I did found them sweet. It's good that you both love them.
    Hugs, Julia