Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Lemon Drops

A much better day today.  I love feeling normal!   My oldest sister Nell always gives me seeds, plants, etc for my birthday.  I have an incredible hawthorn tree in the back yard as well as a walnut tree and apricot tree too.  We have apricots that will soon be ripe.

This year she gave me seeds.  There were several packages of sunflower seeds  including some I had never seen before.  Those sunflowers are now blooming, taller than our backyard fence.  There are vivid orange ones, but my favorites are what she called lemon drops.  I cut several for a bouquet today.  I am sharing them with you tonight.  I love mixing herbs in with the flowers.  There is basil, sage, rosemary and mint in this bouquet as well as tiny old maids.

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