Sunday, July 14, 2019

Look Up

Normally when I open the front door, I look straight ahead or to the left or right.  This morning when I opened the door I looked up.   Towering above me was a persimmon tree that was only about 6 feet tall when we built our house.  Beside the persimmon tree is the first Christmas tree we ever planted, a white pine.  That pine stands about 40 feet tall now.

Looking at those trees made me smile.  Those trees stand tall and strong and they are beautiful year round.  They give food and shelter to many of the critters who live here.  They give us precious shade on these hot humid days.  We love our trees.

It has been a wonderful laid back weekend.  We both have spent time together, apart and doing things we enjoy.  I hope this new week starts with much love and kindness for us all.

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