Saturday, July 20, 2019

Matt's Destiny

This afternoon we drove north to attend the wedding of a friend.  We have known Matt for several years.  We met him when we played a folk festival several years back and every time we ever played at Berkeley Bob's Coffee House he always came.  When his family's home was destroyed by tornadoes we were there to help them celebrate their new home.

Today we celebrated a new life for Matt.  A while back he met his Destiny.  A beautiful young woman whose spirit seems the perfect match for him.  Today they said their vows during one of the sweetest ceremonies I have ever attended.  Matt and Destiny ( yep, that is her name) just glowed with happiness.  His eyes teared up as I gave him a big hug.  Along with Rick and me, Bob Keefe and his wife Geri who owned the coffee house all through those years, we were there to cheer this wedding on.  As Bob said, we were all coffee house family.

As we drove home through the rain this evening we both were glowing too.  It is so uplifting to be in the midst of happiness and joy.  As I hugged Matt and Destiny goodbye I told them Rick and I celebrated 45 years together in May, I hope they get their 45 years and more.
Congratulations Matt and Destiny.  May life always treat you kind.

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