Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Screen Porch

Rain moved in a little earlier tonight.  We often go out and sit on the screen porch just to smell the freshness and listen to the drops falling on the tin roof.  We did tonight for a few minutes.  Building that screened porch is one of the smartest things we ever did.  It gets used 12 months out of the year.
When the kids come, it is their private space.  They play games, do crafts, eat and laugh there.

Rick uses it for his writing office.  I use it for solitude and respite.  All three of the dogs love to go out and sit and wait for the squirrels and chipmunks to run across the yard.  Often in the mornings we drink coffee there.  We play classical music that floats across the neighborhood.

In the winter months, we put heavy vinyl over the screen, set up a small heater and it becomes the perfect green house.

The only thing I would change, I wish we had a fireplace on it. 

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