Friday, August 31, 2018

Fall Beauties

A better day for both of us today.  Neither of us have slept well for the past two weeks and Rick has barely eaten.  Today seems to have been a turning point for him, keeping our fingers crossed that we both get a good night's sleep.  My energy finally seems to be returning as well.

It is hot and dry, but the weather guys say we have a tropical low knocking on the door.  Keeping our fingers crossed.  As I drove us home from Rick's therapy session today, the people in the car in front of us tossed their cigarettes out their window.  I held my breath.  Almost every fall I watch someone do that and before we know  it there is a forest fire.  Thank goodness nothing ignited today.

I watered my flowers today.  What is it about the last few days of summer and the start of fall that make them so beautiful.  The colors become more vibrant and they bloom like crazy.  Of course I cut an arm full and brought them in the house.  There won't be many more bouquets for this season.

Here's to a weekend of laughter, good health and kindness.  I know my hubby will be cheering on the Tide tomorrow, once football season arrives, fall hopefully won't be far behind it.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams...enjoy my beautiful flowers tonight, I hate to see them go.


  1. It certainly is the time of the year to enjoy the seasons bounty and yours includes those beautiful flowers! Hope you got a good nights sleep and have a better today than yesterday !


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