Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Tuesday Thoughts

Hot and humid, I sound like a broken record don't I?  This will be my story for at least another month, maybe 2 or 3...Alabama summers...sometimes just fade into a fall of sorts.  If we get really lucky, we have a real fall and almost winter, keeping my fingers crossed.

I had a great class today.  Sometimes the students just bring such an incredible vibe and energy to the room and magic happens.  On days like today, the positive energy just seems to flow out the windows and bathes our little world in hope.  These days charge me and I come home energized, not drained.
Sadly most days are not like today, and that's ok.  Lives are being sorted out and that is true turmoil and chaos.  That is why today was magical.

Tomorrow we spend more time prepping for Rick's surgery, classes, tests, some sort of movie...I never knew it would take this much work before surgery. 

We had a brief shower on  my way home from work today.  I rolled the windows down and smelled the earth smell.  You know the one,  when raindrops hit dry earth for the first time in a while and then it gets mixed in with freshly mowed grass and hay.  Almost too much for the olfactory senses to take.

Tomorrow is hump day, make it a good one.  Find at least one thing to be grateful for.


  1. Sometimes it's like that on the farm, some days are good and other are not so good...

    It's been hot and very humid, thunder showers, power outage and we all survived but it was not a pleasant day.
    One of the hired hand found it too hard to work in the heat and around 11:30am he said it was his last day and he went home.

    Wow, mid week already. Time flies.

    Enjoy your day.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Our temps are down but we are still hazy and humid. Hope Rick is prepared for what this surgery may bring. Positive energy is contagious and I think he may need some of that in the days to come. Happy Hump Day !

  3. We have the same weather and I'm really over it! I know Rick will do well. Even though I work in surgery and have done tons of total knees I appreciated the classes that told me what to expect as a patient. Getting all the blood work done ahead just saves time and rules out any problems before the hospital day. He'll be in my prayers..have a good day!