Wednesday, August 1, 2018

August 1

August how time flies

August 1...Jordan goes back to school in a few days

August and humid

August 1...fruits and veggies are at their peak

August 1....after years of being in the clothing industry, I admit, I still start thinking of fall clothing now

August 1...time to get get ready for planting fall crops soon

August 1...Rick will have a knee replacement this month

August 1...humming birds are in a feeding frenzy

August 1...I know people who are doing their Christmas shopping now, wow.

August vacay so far, maybe after Rick recovers

August 1...for the first time in a few years, our apple tree is full

August gig this month, the finale of our Americana coffee house series


  1. August truly is the time when the fruits and vegetables are at their peak. I'm enjoying every mouthful. I'm patiently waiting for my first ripe apple of the season. All we've had for months now are the ones stored from last year. They are not half as tasty. Happy August to you!

  2. Jordan goes back to school early. The kids here return to classes on September 4th. Janes is going into grade two and he's so happy about that.

    We been eating lots of broccoli from the garden and just about everything is ready for harvesting. August is starting hot and Muggy, just like July was. It's a different weather this year.

    You're ahead of me on the fall clothing. I love sandals, sleeveless tops and short and light dresses. I hate to part with it.

    Enjoy August.
    Hugs, Julia