Sunday, August 12, 2018


Late night last night, playing in the heat and humidity is tough on the body.  We book very few outdoor gigs in the summer.

Today was rest and catch up.  Getting ready for the work week and starting the countdown for Rick's knee replacement. 

Jordan wanted watermelon ice cream today.  I made it and he loved it.  I love watermelon but I am not wild about watermelon in any other food group other than fruit.

No matter how late we go to bed we always wake up at our usual time.  We looked at each other earlier and said at the same time, "can't wait til bedtime."  It will hopefully be early tonight. Not even our afternoon nap helped today.

Wishing you all a good week, one that is productive, happy and full of kindness.

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  1. I had a long afternoon nap and went to bed early, and I'm still sleepy today. Hope you are much more awake than I am. Happy Monday !