Thursday, August 23, 2018

Shy Taz

The dogs have been a little taken aback by all that has happened this week.  First we were gone, then Rick came home and it was obvious there was something wrong and then there was that big metal thing he was walking around with.  Calliou and Hook are curious.  Taz, just can't figure out why she can't sleep on his legs, why he has taken her favorite spot on the couch and why I am not giving her all my attention.  She has become very shy and withdrawn.  This morning for the first time since Sunday I tried to take her for a walk and she just sat down on the grass, would not budge.

It is an adjustment, this healing process, for all of us.  Rick is so independent, so he is struggling with my caring for him.  I knew he would.   But Taz, she just looks at us, trying to understand what is going on.  This is a learning process for all involved.

I snapped this picture of her tonight.  She was resting on her favorite blanket  and my shoe. I kept calling her name, but she would not look at me.

This day has not been easy for Rick, PT is tough, but he had his first hot shower tonight and we are ready for bed.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. It would be quite an adjustment for everyone. Dogs get used to their daily routine and don't adapt well when it's interrupted. Hope things will soon be back to normal there.

  2. Our pets are always upset by a major change. They will settle down as they see that things return to normal.