Tuesday, August 14, 2018

All About the Weather

My brother Ricky called me tonight in the middle of dinner.  I could hear the excitement in his voice.
He did a little chit chat for few moments and then launched into his reason for calling.
He wanted to know if I had seen the local weather forecast for the upcoming week or so.  I had seen the 48 hour one, but not the extended . 

He said in a voice that was straining to contain excitement, " it's going to rain for a few days."  I said well that was good, we needed the rain, we were going into our normal dry season and forest fires make me nervous because we live in the middle of the forest.  He was silent for a moment and then remarked with glee" the guys are saying in a week or so, we could have temps round 80 for a high and maybe lows in the 50's." 

I admit his call has just about made me giddy.   Summers are quite difficult for both of us.  We both have lung issues and he has heart issues as well.  Summer's heat and humidity play havoc with our breathing and now our air quality has not been very good.  The thought of night time temps in the 50's is almost more than I can stand.  I know it won't last long, we might not even get there.  But dropping into the 60's would be fine too.

Ricky laughed and mentioned we might just have to buy so long johns.  He was just joking, but he and his son have a plumbing business and they spend long hours outdoors in the heat.  They look forward to a change in the weather as much as I do.

So now you know how my brother and I communicate.  We both should have gone to "weather school", talking weather is one of the things we share with delight.  It took Rick awhile to get used to our weather reports, but he swears we are better than most of the guys on tv.  We are now teaching our skills to Jordan. 


  1. I hope you do get your rain and cooler weather. Happy Wednesday !

  2. Now that is what I call a loving conversation.