Thursday, August 9, 2018

Meet Flo

Every day during lunch if the weather permits I sit outside on our deck steps for ten to fifteen minutes.  I call it getting my vitamin D infusion.  Today when I sat down I gazed over at the butterfly bushes and there was this beautiful butterfly.  She was just hanging around and I began to tell her how pretty she was.  I swear she understood me. 

She kept just hanging with me so I told her not to go away I wanted to take her picture.  I got my phone came back out and she was still there.  It was like she was posing for me.  She would flit from one blossom to the next but each time she would rest for a moment while I took her picture.
It was magical.

For some reason she reminded me of my aunt Florence who died a few years ago.  As she visited with me, I called her Flo.  I can't remember the last timeI had such an enjoyable ten minutes.
Let me introduce you to Flo.


  1. Thanks Jilda (and for all the posts I never added a comment to but READ every one) for sharing such a 'good memory' with your butterfly you named Flo.

  2. Getting your vitamin D infusion every day is a great idea. that sounds like something I need to do. Glad to meet Flo, what a delightful way to spend 15 minutes.